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m8f’s toolbox

A collection of add-ons for GZDoom game engine.

10.5x (0.9) - enemy multiplier/divider

Armament Tuning (0.3.1) - extra options for weapon tweaking

Autoautosave (v1.4.2) - universal automatic autosaver

Death-flip (v0.2.1) - mirrored death animations

dps-widget (v0.3.2) - damage per second on-screen widget

Gearbox (v0.7.0) - fancy weapon/item selection

Graveyard (v1.1.1) - places gravestones where you die

Hellscape Navigator (v0.16) - tools to help navigation

Laser Sight (v0.6) - standalone laser sight

m_Gizmos (v0.2) - weapon-related accessories

Nomina (v1.0-beta) - custom names for weapons and monsters

Precise Crosshair (v1.4.1) - places crosshair where you shoot

Sound to Screen (v0.1.0-beta) - shows sounds on screen

Status Widget (v1.2.1) - tracks health, armor, ammo, items

Target Spy (v2.0.1) - health bar for targeted enemies

Ultimate Custom Doom (v0.5.0) - deep game customization

Warm Reception (v0.3.1) - alters enemy behavior on level start

See also my other Doom stuff and m8f’s doctor’s bag.